Ayurmalabar heritage home having a history of more than 300 years. The house was first built by A.K. Kunjunni Nair(a member of Azhakath Kodoli Tharavad) in the typical style of the Hindu Nair tharavads of Kerala with plenty of aesthetically carved woodwork and a central open courtyard ” Nallukettu “. It had a rectangular structure where four halls were joined together with a central courtyard (Nadumuttam), which is opened to sky. This home was especially built for many generations of large Nair families to live under one roof.

The main portion of the Nalukettu was the “Arappura” where the valuables of the house were stored. But the Charm of this nalukettu was ruined as it was set on fire in 1921.

In the year 1994 Girisree Gopalan Nair renowned the house according to the Vaastru Shastra (the ancient architectural science) principles by keeping all the amenities that suit a contemporary lifestyle, without losing traditional values and principles.

The ancient valuables like kindi (a type of pitcher), nilavilakku, uruli, etc., which is made of bell metal and other utensils made of wood which were used more than 300 yrs ago are still preserved in Pathayam of this Heritage home. The wooden beds which were used in those days are now used for our guests to continue the look and feel of the Kerala tradition.

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