Wellness Packages

Punarjani (Rejuvenating and Revitalizing Package)
(7/14/21 Days)

Aging is a natural process. Ayurvedic treatments in this package help to reduce the pace of aging in a person. The therapies revitalize the senses and give a feeling of total well-being.

Sumanas (Package for DeStress)
(7/14/21 Days)

Personally tailored ayurvedic treatments are applied to balance the body and mind. Incorporating yoga and meditation along with balanced diet enhances the effect of ayurvedic treatments and provides a state of stress-free mind.

Swasthya (Health Promoting Package)
(3/5/7/14 Days)

This package is for those who like to experience what an ayurvedic treatment is all about and to know how it is beneficial for you.

MaxFit (Weight reducing and Body Tonifying Package)
(14/21/28 Days)

Ayurvedic treatments, Kalari massages, and specific diet programme are integrated to reduce weight and tonify the body. Specific yogic exercises are also incorporated.

DeTox (Body Cleansing Package)
(14/21/28 days)

Toxins are accumulated through imbalanced food habits and unhealthy lifestyle. Accumulated toxins are washed out through different Ayurvedic treatment procedures and massages.

Soundarya (Beauty Care Package)

This includes different ayurvedic treatments, herbal packs for skin and hair care.



In the Wellness Packages or Healthcare Programmes, the treatments are highly individualized. Only after a personal consultation, the details of your programme will be made available.

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