Yoga is perhaps the world’s first system that recognizes the interconnection and interaction between body and mind. The most important and most famous purveyors of yoga were the great sage Patanjali, the author of the treatise “Yoga Sutras”. He was perhaps the first who recorded the yoga principles, which were passed orally from generation to generation.

The main purpose of yoga is to isolate the mind from all thoughts, worries, fears and to increase the strength and flexibility of the body. The regular practice of yoga can help to keep stress and tension at bay and facilitate the mind to a state of peace and total well-being.

While Ayurveda is mainly concerned with the health of the body and the mind, Yoga aims for physical, mental and spiritual balance. Yoga exercises with their preventive and curative effect help to bring the neurohormones and the metabolism of the body in a natural order. It also improves and balances endocrine functions. Yoga practice reduces the stress and stress-related disorders in a natural way.

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